In a society based on new technologies, disconnect is a synonym of isolation. What if there is a place to unplug ourselves without being excluded? Soufuu is a new meeting point to develop new habits based on resting and disconnection. According to the necessity of intimacy and closer relations, the installation is similar to a house with common values: evasion and relaxation. People can sit down on the small rooms, lay down on the steps, stand up on the terrace or relax oneself on the hammock hanged from the roof. All the most important elements of a house are simplified in a space of 3m2. The area is smaller than an L sofa by Ikea. It is 2.5 m height and it allows to be outdoors or in huge indoor spaces.

Soufuu creates a dialogue between interior and exterior. It has no entrance nor exit route, so it encourages interaction with people and the environment. The user experiences new ways of connecting oneself to escape from the routine.


Location: Halle, Germany
Year: 2016
Photography: Thomas Lewandovski

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