We are a creative studio focused on the design of experiences through interiors, products and artistic installations. There are three keywords that represent our work: simplicity, elegance and playfulness.

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Our method

As gastronomy lovers, we contemplate the operation of the most creative and innovative kitchens around the world. That is why we are inspired by the efficiency and constant search for excellence in professional and creative restaurant kitchens. As it happens within those spaces at the studio we work all together as a team, we have discipline, we investigate, we create, we learn, we improve and this process is repeated over and over again.


This is Jordi Iranzo the co-founder and also creative director of Clap Studio. He started his product design studies at the EASD in Valencia, moving later to the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichestein in Halle, Germany, where he graduated in industrial design. Jordi’s work covers different facets of design and strategy always from a creative point of view. 

Àngela Montagud is the co-founder and Clap studio director. Her profile covers different competences, from interior design to marketing and communication. She studied Architectural Technology in Valencia and later completed her training with a master of Marketing and Communication. 

More with less

We also run More with less, a digital gallery featuring architecture and design projects with a clear philosophy: more with less. Our goal is to showcase the best in design and architecture so every creative mind can find inspiration.

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2020. One of the 100 most creative agencies by FORBES Spain
2020. Winner – Future Mars Life Design Competition – HER
2020. Winner – German Design Award – HER
2020. Nominee – German Design Award – Little Stories
2019. Longlist – Emerging Interior Designer of the Year by Dezeen Awards
2019. Longlist – Best Retail Interior by Dezeen Awards – HER
2019. Winner – Best Multi-brand Store of the Year by FRAME Awards – Little Stories

2019. Winner – Best Design Media by A’Design Awards – More with less
2018. Longlist – Best Retail Interior by Dezeen Awards – Little Stories
2018. Archilovers Best Project – Little Stories
2018. Winner – Gandiablasco International Contest – FAN


Books & Magazines

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Selected digital publications

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