We design unique experiences around the world through interiors, products and art installations.

Our methodology is based on a commitment to our clients and their goals as a brand. We make every effort to understand our clients’ values, objectives and needs in order to create bespoke projects that take their business further. Each of our projects has a unique identity and a strong concept that we transmit in a clean and bold way.

In 2020 we were listed as one of the 100 most creative agencies by FORBES magazine and awarded with the German Design Awards for the best Retail Architecture. One year before in 2019 we were awarded by FRAME Awards for the best Multi-brand store design of the year and listed into the top 20 of Emerging interior design studios by Dezeen Awards.

Brazil, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Spain, Belarus, China... What’s next?

We work for big, already established brands and for companies that are just starting out and need a solid concept to drive their business forward. Our career has led us to forge relationship with brands such as FILA, Lexus or World Design Capital and to develop projects in different countries such as Brazil, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belarus, China, among others. We are enthusiastic about new cultures, new clients and new challenges.


In 2017 both of us, Jordi Iranzo and Àngela Montagud, founded Clap Studio with the aim of creating projects that transmit emotions, inspire and excite people.

After years studying and working in Germany we decided to return to our homeland in Valencia to establish our studio dedicated to interior design, product and art installations.

Our background in industrial design and architecture has led us to develop projects of different scales with a common motto: to offer unique and unforgettable experiences.

At the studio we strive to expand our practice through experimental projects, the use of new materials and the constant search for new forms of creation that help us to keep evolving and growing.


2024. ADCV Awards Winner - Up-cycling Missana
2024. ADCV Awards Winner - Worm
2024. ADCV Awards Winner - Septiembre
2023. Premio Nacional de Diseño - Jóvenes Diseñadores
2023. Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – “Best use of colour” Winner - BAOVAN
2023. Archdaily – “Building of the Year 2023” Nominee - BAOVAN
2023. Mixology23 – “Best product design” Nominee - Worm
2023. ROOM Magazine Awards – “Best product design” Nominee - Worm
2022. La Lluna – “Best space design” Winner - Septiembre
2022. FRAME Awards – “Best Entertainment Venue of the year” Nominee - The Sea
2022. Archilovers Awards – “Best building of the year” Nominee - Baovan
2020. FORBES - “One of the 100 most creative agencies”
2020. German Design Award - “Best Retail Architecture” Winner – HER
2020. Future Mars Life Design Competition Winner – HER
2020. German Design Award - “Best Retail Architecture” Winner – Little Stories
2019. Dezeen Awards – “Emerging Interior Designer of the Year” Longlist
2019. Dezeen Awards – “Best Retail Interior” Longlist – HER


We are professors of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. We also give workshops and lectures at different universities, design festivals and companies in order to share our methodology and inspire other professionals.

We have had also the opportunity to work with Domestika to create our course “Design of Retail Spaces”. In this course we teach how to design a retail spaces with a strong storytelling and unique experience. You can attend this course here.

Lectures, Workshops & Jury

2024. Interihotel - Conference at "Bloom Design"
2024. Andreu World International Design Contest - Jury Member
2024. FRAME Awards - Jury Member
2024. APE Grupo - Cevisama 2024 - Castellón, Spain
2024. ADI FAD. Medallas ADI - Jury Member
2024. EASD Valencia - Diálogos 2024 - Valencia, Spain
2024. EASD Granada - Workshop - Granada, Spain
2024. HeimTextile - Talk & Tour - Frankfurt, Germany
2023. FEED Festival by DAG - Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2023. Roca Gallery - Madrid, Spain
2023. TAC Festival - Valencia, Spain
2023. EASD Castellón - Castellón, Spain
2022. Cluster HABIC - San Sebastián, Spain
2022. BESIGN Fest - Castellón, Spain
2022. LYNK&CO Talks - Valencia, Spain
2022. ETSATOPIA - Valencia, Spain
2022. Barreira Talks - Valencia, Spain
2021. IDAT Conferencias - Lima, Perú
2021. University of Greenwich Talks - London, United Kingdom
2021. CREANAVARRA - Pamplona, Spain
2020. Future of Retail by Cluster HABIC - San Sebastián, Spain
2019. UJI Talks - Castellón, Spain
2019. Minsk Design Week - Minsk, Belarus


Books & Printed magazines

Donna Moderna (Milano, Italy)
AIT Magazine (Hamburg, Germany)
Elle decor (Tokyo, Japan)
Interiors (Seoul, Korea)
AD magazine (Madrid, Spain)
Bob Magazine (Seoul, South Korea)
Space for Kids (Shanghai, China)
AN shopfitting Magazine (Cremona, Italy)
Shopping & Style (Madrid, Spain)
Bob Magazine (Seoul, South Korea)
Bob Magazine (Seoul, South Korea)
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