Comic Cloud

This is a project that responds to the colorful character of Pop culture to which comics are linked. "Cloud" is an easy to assemble and disassemble space. This is an itinerant stand of the Valencia City Council at the Comic Convention.

After conducting an analysis of the most characteristic elements of comics, we identified almost instantly the importance of expression through form and color. These expressions are materialized through speech bubbles, which are responsible for communication and make emotions visible.

Similar to this type of art, the stand narrates a story that unfolds through emotions represented by comic speech bubbles.

The proposal is a stand organized axially around a large table where the activity is centered. This table represents the iconic “boom” speech bubble with space for exactly 15 participants. A large cloud is observed surrounding these activities, providing visual cleanliness to the space and creating a visual barrier that compels us to imagine and dream. From the exterior the view reveals a big cloud high enough to let visitors see that something is happening inside.


Client: Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Year: 2024
Photography: David Zarzoso

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