La fábrica de ideas

Ten partners approached Clap Studio with a vision to create a space to inspire ideas and creativity for their people. We were appointed to create the office’s interior design, the space now known as ‘La Fábrica de Ideas’. We worked together with the client to ensure that the space maintained an equal emphasis on work and rest. Our goal was to create a new work experience that would host an appropriate and adaptable space for each moment.

A load bearing wall was used to divide the space in two over the 300 square meters. In the first area, each and every detail of the design was carefully considered to create a space where people could relax and disconnect from work. In the second area, a completely different space was designed to inspire teamwork and collaboration through multi-purpose and changing spaces. The goal of the office’s interior design and furniture design was to create a space divided in two different areas which complement each other.


Client: La Fábrica de ideas
Year: 2017
Photography: Daniel Rueda


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