ABBE Showroom

When ABBE, a leading company in the production of artisanal products for Fallas (a traditional festivity in the city of Valencia), contacted Clap for the design of their showroom in Valencia, the studio began the project with the aim of finding a solid and strong concept that would represent the brand.

The Fallas are a festival celebrated in Valencia (Spain) that commemorates the arrival of spring. They have their origin in an ancient tradition of the carpenters of Valencia, who lit bonfires in the city squares to burn the remnants of wood used during winter. Over time, these bonfires evolved into artistic monuments made with flammable materials, known as "fallas". This festival has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Clap team was inspired by the Fallas to create a showroom that celebrates the blossoming and transition from winter to spring.

ABBE's showroom is a monochromatic space where, at a specific point, everything blooms and comes to life. The interior is completely covered in artisanal mortar that combines with perimeter curtains that conceal the exposed product, as needed. These curtains allow the experience to be molded and adapted to the user and their needs.

The heart of the space is a preserved flower installation, created in collaboration with the Amiguis collective. This flower installation brings vitality and color to the space and represents the fleeting moment of spring blossoming, hence the volumes of different colors that simulate growth and will eventually cover the entire room in color.


Client: ABBE Global
Year: 2023
Photography: Germán Cabo
Collaborators: Amiguis

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