Emergency situations have the ability to make us stop and think. As the Danish winemaker Peter Sisseck said about the relationship of people with nature and life «We believed we were so smart that we thought we were mastering nature». And this has been the case until the beginning of 2020. In that time when we were all secluded and locked in our homes, mixed feelings invaded us. Our sense of community met our sense of survival.

«Isolation» was born inspired by a feeling that we had very much in mind: isolation. How to represent it? We imagine a pristine white cave that encloses us, that does not let us out but at the same time protects us. A space for reflection. “Isolation” is created from a single material: paper. A single element to which we apply different forces to shape it, generate volumes and cracks.



Year: 2020
Photography: Pedro Jareño

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