Upcycling Missana

When Missana approached us to design the exhibition booth for the brand during the Valencia Design Week, we decided to create a booth that followed the principles of the circular economy. In a world where ephemeral extravagance often dominates design fairs, this project stands out as an example of conscious design.

During the analysis of Missana's production methodology and materials, we discovered batting, a material typically relegated to the interior of furniture. We decided to use this material to make it the essence of the space, creating partitions and giving it identity.


This booth is a call to reflect on sustainability in the design industry. The 80% of the materials used to create this exhibition booth will be reused. The batting used in the booth is not discarded after the fair, as is common in these events. Instead, once the fair is over, this material returns to Missana's production chain, where it will be transformed into the padding for the company's furniture.



Client: Missana
Year: 2023
Photography: David Zarzoso

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